Back to Basics SEO in Ottawa

In this business of internet marketing, or any other business for that matter, one should be in it for the long term.  Strategies conceived and applied should benefit your clients and their customers well into the future.  Shortcuts might provide some quick and temporary results that will not only harm your clients but your reputation and your business as well.  Help your clients build a solid foundation and your foundation will be built solidly as well. It’s never too late to get on board and do the right thing.  When you strategize, ensure that the result is sustainable, resilient and beneficial for the end user; your client’s customer.  Your SEO must, as Google has so often emphasized, focus on the user experience; this comes from their philosophy!  Content must be relevant, site navigation easy, explanatory links available, trust built, and needs answered.  Focus more on the aforementioned and less on how to “beat” the search engines.

Top Two SEO Areas

From my point of view the two top areas of SEO on which to focus are site mobile friendliness and social media.

Mobile SEO

Ottawa seo mobile

At the time of this writing approximately 60% of searches come from mobile searches.  Not surprising since smart phones and tablets are so common place now.  It is most likely that your customers are going to come across your brand while searching on their mobile device. That being said, it seems that there are two types of search engine results pages (SERPs); one for desktop and one for mobile.  I have noticed sites ranking differently when searched on a desktop PC vice a smart phone.  That tells me that you want to make sure that your SEO and your web design, obviously, takes the mobile platforms into account.  Make your clients’ sites responsive or at least ensure they have a desktop site and a mobile site.  You can contact this SEO company in Ottawa ( to help with quickly developing mobile sites.

Social Media

Ottawa seo company social media

Your customers are also very present on social media.  Businesses need to also be present where their customers are hanging out.  There are many social media sites in play.  You do not have to be active on them all.  That would just not provide a good ROI.  I suggest to you become active on the top three; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Keep in mind that this takes time if it is going to be done correctly.  Checkout this social media management company in Ottawa to get help. To build a social following you must be constantly active.  Your posts and tweets must be engaging, thought-provoking, interesting, uplifting, and/or funny.  To create such content on a daily basis is time consuming.  You will most likely have to hire an employee to do the work or outsource.  You decide.

One Last Thought

As an internet marketer specializing in SEO you might think that all you have to do is get your client ranked on page 1 of the SERPs and you’re done.  From your perspective yes.  That’s probably what you agreed to with your client.  However, if the client can’t convert the leads he/she gets then all the SEO you did is for naught! It is in your clients’ and your best interest that you help them take steps to ensure they can successfully convert the leads to customers.  Do this and your clients will be happy and will continue to believe that the work you do is valuable and will continue to retain your services.  You have to think broader!  At least that’s what I think as I sit here in Ottawa.

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